Heggerty Library—Grade 1, Series 1 (Classroom Set)
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Heggerty Library—Kindergarten, Series 1 (Classroom Set)


SKU: 1410323
ISBN: 978-1-960968-41-8

This classroom set of decodable books includes 8 engaging stories, with 6 copies of each title for use in small-group instruction. These beautifully illustrated books offer practice in sound-spelling relationships and high-frequency words, fostering independent reading skills. With fiction and nonfiction texts, comprehension questions, and writing prompts, each book provides an immersive reading experience, offering diverse reading materials to enhance students’ reading proficiency.

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  • A classroom set includes 6 copies of each title listed below, 48 books in total.
  • 6.5X9.5”, 20 pages per book.
  • Softcover with rounded corners and durable saddle-stitch binding, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Shrink-wrapped by title, in groups of 6.


Skills Covered: 

  • CVC, CCVC, CVCe words
  • Short vowels 
  • Long vowels
  • Y as a vowel
  • Consonant digraphs and blends
  • Words with ending -s
  • Double consonants -ff, -ll, -ss, -zz

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The Heggerty Library of Decodable Books, Kindergarten, Series 1 consists of the following titles:

  1. The Big Red Hat
  2. Can it Dig?
  3. Bess Gets a Bell
  4. The Mom and Pop Shop
  5. Grandma Has a Drill
  6. We all Help Clean
  7. Farmer Luke Sleeps Late
  8. Lake Hills Drive

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