Bridge to Writing

Create meaningful messages with our new K-5 writing curriculum, combining grammar concepts with writing process instruction!

Coming Spring 2024

Meet Bridge to Writing

Bridge to Writing is a comprehensive writing curriculum for K-5 classrooms that develops strong writers through research-based instruction, making writing instruction easy for teachers and engaging for students.

It seamlessly supplements your existing ELA curricula to teach sentence writing and paragraph development fundamentals, helping students create meaningful messages. Using a sequential and systematic method of instruction, Bridge to Writing teaches the fundamentals of writing and the writing process, starting with sentence structure and scaffolding from simple to complex while providing ample opportunities to draft, revise, conference, and edit.

Bridge to Writing provides comprehensive coverage of CCSS Writing and Language Standards and goes even further to address additional skills, ensuring students have the writing foundations to succeed in subsequent grades.

Bridge to Writing will launch for K-5 in early 2024, and we are currently seeking K-2 participants for a Fall 2023 pilot.

Bring Pen to Paper... and Beyond!


Teacher Editions

Thirty weeks of lessons for grades K-5 provide teachers with explicit instruction pairing grammar concepts and writing process instruction.


Student WRITE Books

WRITE books—Wonderful, Ready, Informed, Talented, Encoders—provide student with opportunities to apply what they've learned during whole group instruction.


Teacher Resource Book

An educator's writing instruction toolbox, the Teacher Resource Book provides writing models, rubrics, checklists, and more!


Sentence Building Cards

The building blocks for writing—including Bridge to Reading Red Words, nouns, verbs, prepositions, adjectives, pronouns, articles, punctuation)—these hands-on resources give students a multisendory way to explore writing.  


Writers In the World

Introduce students to real-world professionals and the ways they apply writing skills in their daily lives, from speechwriters to playwrights and beyond!

Group 807

Anchor Charts

Engaging visuals reinforce concepts including What is Writing?Sentences TypesWriting GenresParts of SpeechWriting Process Steps, and more.


Grounded in Research

Bridge to Writing provides comprehensive coverage of CCSS Writing and Language Standards and reflects the latest science on how children learn to write. Digital extensions provide opportunities to expand teacher knowledge as the research base evolves, securing your investment for years to come.

Dr. Gary Troia

Academic Consultant


Bring Bridge to Writing to your District

Contact us to learn more about Bridge to Writing and find out how to participate in our upcoming pilot.