From Confusion to Clarity: Defining Sight Words, High-Frequency Words, Red Words, and Heart Words

Join us for an engaging and informative webinar as we unravel misconceptions and clarify the distinctions between commonly used terms such as sight words, high-frequency words, red words, and heart words, providing participants with a solid foundation to effectively support literacy development.


Phonemic Awareness Administrator Fidelity Checklist

The Administrator Fidelity checklist is a resource that can be used to provide feedback for teachers as they implement the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness lessons in their classrooms.


Spanish Phonemic Awareness Assessments

These student assessments can be used to monitor student progress with phonological and phonemic awareness skills, and the results can be used to plan for instruction. The Heggerty Phonemic Awareness assessments are not required to teach the curriculum.

Case Study

The Power of Partnership—Fulton County Schools

Heggerty has partnered with Fulton County Schools to improve literacy instruction for Georgia students. Here is our story.

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Which is Better: Phonemic Awareness With or Without Print?

This blog post emphasizes the significance of phonemic awareness and phonics in literacy instruction, highlighting that both are crucial for reading development. In addition, it…

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Decodable Texts: 10 FAQs Answered

For educators and parents looking to support early literacy development, decodable texts have become an increasingly popular tool. These books are designed to help students…


Shift Towards Structured Literacy: From Theory to Practice

Educators all around the world are making shifts in their literacy instruction to align with the Science of Reading. Whether driven by personal choice or prompted by an initiative to adopt new teaching methods, we are all on a path of continual learning together. Join us in this edWebinar to learn about key shifts you can make to move towards structured literacy instruction.


Heggerty’s Summer Support: Free Phonemic Awareness Lessons for Students Everywhere

Join us for a free webinar introducing Heggerty's Summer Support program! This program offers six weeks of phonemic awareness lessons from the new 2022 Editions of the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum. Watch the free webinar and visit to access your lessons today


Bridge to Reading: A Closer Look at Heggerty’s NEW Foundational Skills Kit

Are you looking for a comprehensive and effective approach to teaching foundational reading skills to your students? Look no further than Bridge to Reading, the new Foundational Skills Curriculum from Heggerty. Bridge to Reading provides a perfect first step for K-2 classrooms looking to align their literacy instruction with the Science of Reading.


The Role of Decodable Texts in Developing Strong Foundational Reading Skills

Decodable texts are an essential part of early reading instruction, providing emerging readers with a valuable tool to develop their foundational reading skills. However, questions often arise about this resource, such as: What is a decodable text? When should I use decodable texts? Is reading just decodable texts enough for my emerging readers? When should I transition to other types of readers?

Classroom Resource

Heggerty Summer Support

Back by popular demand! Heggerty’s Summer Support lessons give parents, tutors, and summer school staff FREE access to high-quality phonemic awareness lessons straight from our NEW 2022 Editions of the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum.

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Assessing Phonological and Phonemic Awareness: Tools for Measuring Progress and Growth

The Importance of Assessments in Education It seems like it is always that time of year: assessment time! Assessments can be many things: stressful (for…

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