Form B – 1st Grade Phonemic Awareness Assessment

This 1st grade student assessment can be used to monitor student progress with phonological and phonemic awareness skills, and the results can be used to plan for instruction. The Heggerty Phonemic Awareness assessments are not required to teach the curriculum.

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10 Takeaways for Literacy Instruction from Plain Talk 2023

Plain Talk 2023 Our team had the privilege of attending the 2023 Plain Talk About Literacy and Learning conference in New Orleans. We left feeling…


Why Teach Articulation Awareness? The Importance of Accurate Sound Production in Literacy

Did you know? Articulation and speech sounds help facilitate phonemic awareness, positively impacting literacy development! Join Literacy Specialist, Lori Jurjovec for a NEW Heggerty webinar to learn why articulation matters, see real examples of how it can influence student’s reading and spelling accuracy, and how to avoid common errors when working with students at home or in the classroom.

Case Study

Little Time, Big Impact—Aspire Public Schools

Upon assessment, Aspire Public Schools identified the need for an improvement based on their literacy scores, so they leaned into what was working, scaling Heggerty to all classrooms, ultimately building teacher capacity and helping their children learn to read.

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11 NEW Science of Reading Resources

Keeping Up With the Science of Reading Hello, educators! Since our original “30 Science of Reading Resources” blog post was published in December 2020, many…


Navigating Decodable Texts and Leveled Readers: What Are They and How Can We Use Them?

The hot topic we are hearing about all across education are the words, “decodable text,” and for good reason! Join Heggerty’s Marjorie Bottari, Director of Professional Development, and Literacy Specialist Erica Suarez to learn more about what decodable texts and leveled readers are, their purpose in different instructional settings, and how we can make informed instructional decisions using the resources we have.


The First Steps to Science of Reading: A Closer Look at Foundational Skills

Phonological Awareness, decoding & sight recognition are essentials of reading instruction, but they're not always found in every classroom. Join Heggerty Literacy Specialist, Lauren Walsh, for a discussion on what foundational skills are and how you can bring these skills to your classroom in a fun and engaging way.

Curriculum Resource

Heggerty Hand Motions Playlist

This Dual Language Metalinguistic Instruction Guide provides teachers with instructional ideas for cross-linguistic instruction. This guide can be used by teachers who are implementing the Heggerty Spanish curriculum, and who are teaching in any dual language, immersion or transitional bilingual setting.

Classroom Resource

Hand Motions Guide (English)

A PDF hand motions guide to accompany the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness curriculum.


Bridging Research and Reality: Balancing Foundational Skills Instruction in the Classroom

Sift through the latest research on reading instruction and share strategies for providing explicit and systematic foundational skills instruction for your classroom. You'll learn practical instructional strategies to engage and support a reluctant reader toward becoming a skilled reader by bridging phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, and phonics to early reading.

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Building Bridge to Reading (Part 1)

With 66% of 4th graders reading below a proficient level, having a solid foundational tool to put into teachers' hands is a crucial component in fighting the literacy crisis our country is facing. Bridge to Reading is a comprehensive reading foundational curriculum encompassing the beloved Heggerty phonemic awareness paired with explicit phonics instruction for the perfect combination.


Defining Dyslexia: How Elementary Educators Can Help Students Succeed

Dyslexia is a term that many have heard of but few understand. In celebration of Dyslexia Awareness Month, we invite you to join Heggerty Literacy Specialist and certified Orton-Gillingham instructor Lori Jurjovec as she uncovers what dyslexia is (and isn't) and how you can support dyslexic learners at school or home. We'll uncover why early intervention is important and how phonological awareness can help students manage a dyslexia diagnosis.

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