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Heggerty Library Decodable Book Samples

Explore Heggerty's exciting new series of decodable books thoughtfully designed for various reading proficiency levels. Featuring vibrant illustrations, endearing characters, and captivating themes, these books will transport young readers to imaginative worlds with no limits.

This sample provides a complete eBook version of the following decodable books:

  • Kindergarten, Series 1: The Big Red Hat
  • First Grade, Series 1: Lil Dreams of Music
  • Second Grade, Series 1: Sunrise to Sunset

All books within the Heggerty Library are:

  • Research-based
  • Fiction and non-fiction texts
  • Beautifully illustrated and engaging

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Enhance Reading Instruction

Introducing our comprehensive collection of decodable books, featuring a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts designed to improve students' reading skills and fluency. Explore our diverse library and unlock the joy of reading for every learner.

Level up your reading curriculum with Heggerty Library Decodable Books today!

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