Decodable Books

We believe decodable readers should contain authentic, engaging stories and beautiful illustrations.

Decodable readers provide accessible content for students to apply what they are learning during phonics instruction. As teachers support students in developing their word recognition skills, systematic instruction in both phonemic awareness and phonics is important. The transfer of sounds to print takes place when students engage in phonics activities and apply what they are learning to connected text reading and writing.

Frog Series Covers

The Frog Series

Late Kindergarten - 1st Grade / 8 Book Set

The Frog Series is a set of 8 books for students in late Kindergarten - 1st grade. There are 4 fiction titles and 4 non-fiction titles. Each book was written to be decodable, comprehensible and engaging for our youngest readers.

The Toucan Series

2nd - 4th Grade / 6 Book Set

The Toucan Series is a set of 6 decodable books for students in 2nd - 4th grade. It was created with our older learners in mind to provide important reading opportunities. Each book is beautifully illustrated and includes a teacher guide and a glossary for non-fiction books. 


Free Download: La Serie Amigos

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade / 6 Book Set

La serie Amigos es un recurso de 6 libros decodificables de ficción. Los libros son diseñados para estudiantes que ya conocen los sonidos de las letras (A-Z,  ñ, ch, ll, rr) y están listos para combinar sonidos para leer sílabas y palabras. Cada libro es decodificable, comprensible, y divertido para los lectores principiantes del español.


The Amigos series includes 6 decodable fiction books. The books were written for students who already know the letter sounds and digraphs of the Spanish alphabet (A-Z, ñ, ch, ll, rr) and are ready to begin blending sounds to read syllables and words. Each book is decodable, comprehensible, and engaging for beginning readers of Spanish.