Spanish Primary Curriculum

30-weeks of daily phonological awareness lessons give 1st and 2nd grade students the tools to succeed.

Designed to supplement your existing literacy curriculum, the Heggerty Conciencia Fonológica Primaria lessons easily integrate into dual language or transitional bilingual 1st and 2nd grade classrooms. When lessons are taught consistently each day, teachers see improvement in students’ reading, spelling, and writing, as the students learn to hear the sounds in words.

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Bringing explicit phonological awareness instruction to your classroom is now easier than ever.

  • QR codes directly link the weekly lesson page to videos and other supportive resources, enabling easy access to professional development and helping teachers to implement the curriculum with fidelity.
  • Explicit teacher language better enables teachers to support all students' development.
  • The new Skill Focus can be shared as an explanation for each skill or task when teaching the lessons.
  • Overview pages support teachers with changes and shifts that take place throughout the weekly lessons.
  • New opportunities for Phoneme/Grapheme connections.

Take a look inside!

  • A revised scope and sequence allows for students to work at the phoneme level within CV, VC, and CVC syllables at the beginning of the year, to better align with Spanish phonics instruction.
  • Optional weeks for review or intervention have been included for some skills after 30-weeks of Tier 1 instruction.
  • The addition of visual symbols makes it easier to find embedded teacher supports.
  • A new metalinguistic focus highlights how language works and makes it easier for bilingual classrooms to find cross-language connections.
  • Explicit instruction that highlights the different syllable structures,consonant blends, and diphthongs at both the syllable and phoneme level.

“The Green Book”, as it’s often called, is intended for students who are learning to read Spanish: in either dual language, immersion, or transitional bilingual classrooms. The curriculum includes foundational literacy skills that will support literacy development in Spanish and can transfer to English with strategic metalinguistic instruction. Our Spanish curriculum focuses heavily on developing syllable awareness and includes phonemic awareness work within syllables. Students will blend, segment, and manipulate both phonemes and syllables.


The revised 2022 Edition of the Spanish Primary Curriculum includes lessons that are quick and fast-paced, using a reduced number of words for some skills. The lessons provide students with systemic exposure to Spanish sounds and syllables to deepen their understanding of spoken words. Each lesson includes a Skill Focus, detailed teacher language, modeling, and support that can be used to provide differentiated instruction. We’ve included 30-weeks of Tier 1 instruction, and 5 additional weeks of optional review that can take place in whole group or small group settings. 


The lessons now include opportunities to make phoneme-grapheme connections, matching the sounds we hear to letters in print and facilitate the process of orthographic mapping. Phonological awareness instruction and phoneme-grapheme connections begin at the phoneme level with syllables - systematically developing both phonemic awareness and syllabic awareness of each syllable type (CV, VC, CVC, CCV, CVV, etc.). Phoneme-grapheme instruction will continue with two-syllable words - reinforcing decoding and encoding instruction with a speech to print approach.


New visual symbols make it easier to find embedded teacher supports. One of those supports is the addition of ideas for metalinguistic instruction with the goal of deepening children’s understanding of Spanish and to support cross-linguistic analysis in dual language classrooms. QR codes provide easy access to hand motion videos, a weekly lesson demonstration video, and other digital resources.


Heggerty's Spanish Primary
curriculum is not a translation of the English version, but rather a tailored set of lessons that focus on 10 literacy components:

  • 8 phonological awareness skills using Spanish words and vocabulary
  • 1 daily letter name, letter sound recognition, or syllable activity
  • 1 Daily Language Awareness Activity for the first 10 weeks

Daily lessons teach basic and more complex skills such as:

  • Rhyming and Phoneme Isolation
  • Isolating initial, final, and medial syllables
  • Blending and segmenting at the phoneme and syllable level
  • Manipulating phonemes and syllables

Implementation Aids

Sample Lesson

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Student assessments, scoring guides, and screeners


Professional Development

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