Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

35 weeks of teacher-friendly phonological awareness lessons for your preschool students.

Conciencia fonológica Pre-Kindergarten curriculum (orange book) is intended for 4 and 5-year old native Spanish speaking students, as well as with English speaking students in dual language settings.

This version of the Conciencia fonológica curriculum focuses entirely on syllables, while exposing the students to the essential phonological awareness skills with basic two-syllable words. Similar to the English Pre-Kindergarten curriculum, this version also teaches the students a variety of Nursery Rhymes that are common in various Spanish speaking cultures.

The revised 2021 Edition of the Spanish Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum includes:

  • One added skill:  Initial Phoneme Isolation was added, beginning in Week 10
  • Added the isolation of a vowel as a syllable to align with the Common Core State Standards en español.
  • All skills consist of 3 words to practice daily; rhyming changes to 5 words in week 13.
  • Blending and segmenting of two syllable words has students working with more common syllables first and many of those same sounds in English and Spanish, before moving on to other syllables. 
  • Adding and deleting in weeks 28-35 has students working with the verb forms of ‘yo’, ‘tú’ and ‘el, ella, usted’.

Heggerty's Spanish preschool curriculum is not a translation of the English version, but rather a tailored set of lessons that focus on 10 literacy components:

  • 8 phonological awareness skills using Spanish words and vocabulary
  • Alphabet songs and syllables
  • 1 daily language awareness activities with nursery rhymes

Daily lessons teach early, basic and more complex skills such as:

  • Rhyming and identifying initial and final syllables
  • Blending and segmenting syllables
  • Adding and deleting syllables
  • Substituting syllables (week 19+)
  • Initial phoneme isolation

Implementation Aids

Sample Lesson

Preview the scope & sequence and sample lessons


Student assessments, scoring guides, and screeners


Easy to Implement

Lessons are easy to follow, include teacher direction for each skill, and require minimal prep time.


Fast paced and engaging

10-12 minute daily lessons are the perfect combination of focus and fun for your classroom.


Cost Effective

Since phonemic awareness is an auditory skill, there are no student materials to purchase.


Professional Development

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