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Our new foundational skills curriculum brings together explicit phonics instruction with Heggerty phonemic awareness lessons for a comprehensive approach to early literacy instruction that's easy to implement (and easy to love!)

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Meet Bridge to Reading

The Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills Curriculum provides a perfect first step for K-2 classrooms looking to align their literacy instruction with the Science of Reading. It includes everything teachers already love about the Heggerty curriculum—it's easy to use, seamlessly supplements your existing language comprehension resources, and provides teachers with support and knowledge to implement the curriculum with confidence.

The Bridge to Reading curriculum provides everything teachers need to implement daily whole group phonemic awareness and phonics lessons in 30 minutes or less, including:

  • detailed teachers’ guides
  • student practice books
  • multisensory learning tools
  • decodable texts
  • classroom visual aids
  • progress monitoring assessments
  • access to interactive classroom tools and digital curriculum
  • a robust learning library for teachers including on-demand professional learning courses
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Builds Knowledge

Unlike other phonics curricula, Bridge to Reading goes beyond a script to help teachers and students understand why phonics instruction matters. Every day, teachers will find opportunities to expand their professional knowledge and build confidence as a literacy educator.



Bridge to Reading reflects the latest science on how children learn to read. Digital extensions provide opportunities to expand teacher knowledge as the research base evolves, securing your investment for years to come.


Intentional Design

Every component of the Bridge to Reading curriculum was thoughtfully designed to balance the latest research on how children learn to read with the realities of today’s classrooms.



Bridge to Reading provides teachers with everything they need to implement 6-8 phonemic awareness skills and systematic phonics instruction, including teacher’s guides with embedded professional learning, decodable texts, student practice pages, multi-sensory learning aids, and progress monitoring tools.



Bridge to Reading provides a phonics curriculum designed to perfectly pair with Heggerty Phonemic Awareness allowing teachers to seamlessly flow through the word recognition portion of their literacy block with little to no interruption.


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Gradual Release

Bridge to Reading provides multiple opportunities for application through reading and writing with an “I do, We do, and You do” lesson structure.

Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills Curriculum

Get a Sneak Peek

Your curriculum sample includes a full lesson, including both phonemic awareness and phonics, from the Bridge to Reading curricula for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. A comprehensive list of components with visuals and specifications, decodable eBook samples for each grade level, details on myHeggerty digital access, including digital curriculum, assessments, classroom interactives, shareable decodable eBooks, on-demand professional development, and more!

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Phonemic Awareness vs. Phonics

Understanding the two Ps of Early Literacy Skill Building

If you've ever questioned, "what's the difference between phonemic awareness and phonics," you're not alone! These common Science of Reading terms are often confused or used interchangeably. And while both components are absolutely essential for reading, it's important to understand that they are not the same thing.

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Inside the Curriculum

A Closer Look at Heggerty's NEW Foundational Skills Kit

Are you looking for a comprehensive and effective approach to teaching foundational reading skills to your students? Look no further and join us for this informative and engaging webinar, and discover how Bridge to Reading can help your students bridge to reading success!

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Bring Bridge to Reading to your district

Contact the Heggerty sales team to learn how the Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills Curriculum fits within your literacy program.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Bridge to Reading be available for purchase?

Bridge to Reading is available for purchase now, for Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade. For purchases of 6 or more classroom kits, request a quote, and a Heggerty Education Sales Consultant will contact you within 2 business days to confirm the details of your quote and assist you with placing your order.

Is Bridge to Reading replacing the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum?

No! Our beloved phonemic awareness curriculum is here to stay so that we can continue to serve the unique needs of all classrooms and educators. If you are happy with your existing phonics program, then the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum remains a perfect complement to your existing curriculum. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to word recognition, then Bridge to Reading provides the perfect opportunity to align your phonics instruction directly to the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness lessons.

What about grades 3-5?

Coming soon! Our team is actively working on Bridge to Reading for the upper elementary grade levels which we hope to launch in 2024-2025.

I already own the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum, can I just purchase the phonics component?

A comprehensive solution, Bridge to Reading combines the 2022 edition of the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness lessons with explicit phonics instruction in a single, easy-to-use teacher’s guide, therefore we are unable to offer the phonics component as a stand-alone product.

Existing customers will be offered a one-time $89 discount on the Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills Kit for each 2022 edition purchased of the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum in the corresponding grade. For example, if a customer purchased 100 copies of the 2022 edition of the Kindergarten phonemic awareness curriculum, they will receive $89 off of each Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills for Kindergarten set purchased, up to 100 sets.

How much does the Bridge to Reading curriculum cost?

The Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills for Kindergarten Classroom Kit, Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills for First Grade Classroom Kit, and Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills for Second Grade Classroom Kit retail for $1699 each. A renewal fee of $899 will be charged annually starting in 2024. Volume and multi-year discounts are available for our district partners. For more details contact sales.

Why is there an annual renewal fee? What does it cover?

The annual renewal fee for Bridge to Reading is $899 and includes everything you need to continue using the Bridge to Reading curriculum in subsequent years, including:

  • 25 Student READ Books
  • 25 Student Red Word Cards Sets 
  • 25 Student Spell Tabs Folders 
  • 1-Year teacher subscription to myHeggerty Digital Access for Bridge to Reading that includes digital assessments with progress monitoring, a digital blending board, interactive sound posters, a decodable eBooks library, and more!

Can I purchase the digital components of Bridge to Reading without the physical products?

The digital components of Bridge to Reading are designed to support the implementation of Bridge to Reading and would require access to the physical components of the kit. Therefore, the digital component is not available for individual purchase, except in cases where coaches or administrators are supporting classroom instruction. These standalone subscriptions will be available for purchase through sales conversations only, and will not be featured on our webstore.

Is Bridge to Reading available in Spanish?

We're currently discussing Spanish and/or bi-literacy editions of Bridge to Reading for a future release.

Can I purchase Bridge to Reading products individually?

Bridge to Reading is a comprehensive program designed to be used as a complete set. For flexibility, we do offer individual components, such as student practice books, learning aids, or decodable book sets, to be purchased individually within our online shop. If you have multiple teachers, coaches, or administrators supporting the same classroom, additional Teacher’s Guides and digital subscriptions may be purchased as add-ons to your purchase of the Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills Kit or via a Heggerty sales associate. 

When are decodable books introduced for Bridge to Reading instruction?

Bridge to Reading instruction introduces decodable books at specific points within each grade level:

  • Kindergarten - decodable books are introduced at the end of Week 20, within Unit 3 of instruction.
  • First Grade - decodable books are introduced at the end of Week 10 within Unit 2 of instruction.
  • Second Grade - decodable books are at the end of Week 4 within Unit 1 of instruction.

The decodable library feature in the Bridge to Reading Teacher's Edition appears on Day 5 of each of the above-designated weeks. 

Click here for a comprehensive overview of the curriculum's scope and sequence for grades K-2.