About Us

By empowering educators, we can give every student the opportunity to become a lifelong reader.

In 2003, Dr. Michael Heggerty saw his students struggling to read and it was at that moment that Heggerty was born. What started as a home-grown solution has now grown to become the #1 phonemic awareness curriculum, helping more than half of all school districts in the United States improve literacy scores and children's phonological awareness. It is our honor to continue Dr. Heggerty's work, evolving our curriculum and resources to provide elementary educators with the very best tools to help them encourage a love of reading in all children.


Our mission is to equip teachers with effective and engaging products and professional learning opportunities that help prepare and empower all students to become lifelong readers.


We Are Passionate

We care about the work that we do and the role that we play in closing the literacy gap. We are passionate about our jobs, and it shows in the products and professional development that we deliver.

We Are Accessible

All of our products were created by teachers, and we work hard to ensure that our prices are accessible and our team is approachable. We’re here to do whatever we can to help teachers succeed.

We Are Pioneers

Dr. Heggerty was ahead of his time, developing this curriculum before the research caught up with him. We will continue to innovate new curriculum, products, and services that support teachers and help every student in their pursuit of reading.

We Are Experts

If you know better, you do better. We are committed to ensuring that our resources are aligned with effective reading instruction, sharing our own research and expertise with the world, and continuing to explore and learn every day.

We Are Responsive

The job of a teacher is demanding, and we are dedicated to supporting our schools and educators in any way that we can. We’re a small, yet proactive, team of professionals who pick up the phone, reply to emails, listen to our customers, and respond to their needs.


A Tribute to Dr. Michael Heggerty

Michael Heggerty, Ed. D. served as a classroom teacher for 28 years. As a first grade classroom teacher, Dr. Heggerty began developing his own phonemic awareness curriculum to help his students, and in 2003, he formed Literacy Resources to publish the original version of his lessons. Sadly, Dr. Heggerty passed away in 2013, but his legacy in elementary education lives on through his curriculum and we are proud to continue that work today.

Dr. Heggerty’s depth of knowledge and his commitment to helping all students learn to read are just two attributes that made him so special. Through the publication of his curricula, educators across the United States and around the world have witnessed the power of systematic phonemic awareness instruction, and its impact on teaching students to read.

Meet Our Team

There’s a simple reason why teachers love Heggerty products: they are created by people who have been in their shoes. In fact, more than half of our diverse team has spent time in a classroom. That experience helps us better understand the challenges you face every day, and work with you to find solutions to meet your unique needs.


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Heggerty Leadership

Andrew Follett, CEO

Andrew Follett

Chief Executive Officer
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Alper Tuken

Chief Financial Officer
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Alisa VanHekken

Chief Academic Officer

Kathy Krupa

Vice President of Sales
Megan Colburn

Megan Colburn

Vice President of Marketing
Jordan Thornton

Jordan Thornton

Director of People and Culture
Marc Lonergan

Marc Lonergan

Director of Operations
Caitlin Uttley

Caitlin Uttley

Vice President of Product

Who We Serve

At Heggerty, we are lucky to support the efforts of teachers, literacy coaches, parents, and anyone working to improve children's ability to read. You will find our products and services in classrooms worldwide, and within more than 7,500 school districts throughout the United States.