The Toucan Series

6 beautifully illustrated decodable stories for students in 2nd - 4th grade.

The Toucan Series is a set of 6 decodable books for students in 2nd - 4th grade. It was created with our older learners in mind to provide important reading opportunities. Each book is beautifully illustrated, and includes comprehension questions for students, a writing prompt, and a glossary for non-fiction books. 


This series was created to provide students with opportunities for connected text reading during Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions. This set of books can be implemented in combination with Bridge the Gap: Phonemic Awareness intervention lessons. The Toucan series can also be used for decodable reading for students in late 1st or 2nd grade.


Stories are meant to be read in a single sitting (25-30 pages in length), and the skills increase in complexity with each book. All of the books in the Toucan Series have comprehension questions, a writing prompt, and are 6x9 inches with a soft cover and durable thread-sewn binding.