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Colorful illustration of a teacher sitting in a chair reading a story to three diverse 1st grad students

5 Tips for Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Success

Hi educators! In this post, I’ll be sharing five tried and true tips for implementing Heggerty in your classroom. As…

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Orange background with hands holding two phonemic awareness curriculum manuals, manuals are yellow and blue. The shirt shown with the hands is green.

Which is Better: Phonemic Awareness With or Without Print?

This blog post emphasizes the significance of phonemic awareness and phonics in literacy instruction, highlighting that both are crucial for…

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This image features a group of five students sitting on the ground looking at books. The colors are bold and bright.

Decodable Texts: 10 FAQs Answered

For educators and parents looking to support early literacy development, decodable texts have become an increasingly popular tool. These books…

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Heggerty’s Summer Support: Free Phonemic Awareness Lessons for Students Everywhere

Join us for a free webinar introducing Heggerty’s Summer Support program! This program offers six weeks of phonemic awareness lessons from the new 2022 Editions of the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum. Watch the free webinar and visit to access your lessons today

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Assessing Phonological and Phonemic Awareness: Tools for Measuring Progress and Growth

The Importance of Assessments in Education It seems like it is always that time of year: assessment time! Assessments can…

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10 Takeaways for Literacy Instruction from Plain Talk 2023

Plain Talk 2023 Our team had the privilege of attending the 2023 Plain Talk About Literacy and Learning conference in…

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HiMama Webinar: How to Teach Phonological Awareness in Early Childhood

Join us and our friends at HiMama for a special recorded webinar “How to Teach Phonological Awareness in Early Childhood.” Join Heggerty’s Marjorie Bottari, Director of Professional Development, to learn and define the 3 PH’s: phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, and phonics, and dig into the research behind the importance of phonological awareness and how to teach it in the home and classroom.

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11 Science of Reading Resources Every Educator Should Know About

Keeping Up With the Science of Reading Hello, educators! Since our original “30 Science of Reading Resources” blog post was…

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Building Bridge to Reading (Part 1)

With 66% of 4th graders reading below a proficient level, having a solid foundational tool to put into teachers’ hands is a crucial component in fighting the literacy crisis our country is facing. Bridge to Reading is a comprehensive reading foundational curriculum encompassing the beloved Heggerty phonemic awareness paired with explicit phonics instruction for the perfect combination.

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Defining Dyslexia

Defining Dyslexia: How Elementary Educators Can Help Students Succeed According to the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, dyslexia is…

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