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Spanish Syllable Flashcards


The Spanish Syllable Flashcards are intended for use with the Spanish Conciencia fonémica curricula. This Spanish syllable flip chart contains twenty-six consonants on the left side, including qu and gü, and the five vowels on the right side. This allows teachers to flip either the vowels (ma, me, mi, mo, mu) or the consonants (ma, pa, sa, la, ta) to quickly form combinations of CV syllables so that students can practice letter names and syllable sounds.

This new edition of our syllable flip chart now also includes the consonant blends (bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, tl, br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr) on the left side, and vowel diphthongs on the right side (ia, ie, io, iu, ua, ue, uo, iu, ai, au, ei, eu, oi, oy), allowing teachers to create even more syllable combinations. The blends and diphthongs are located behind the blue separator page on either side. This blank page also provides the opportunity for students to also practice the letter names and sounds of the individual consonants, vowels, consonant blends, and diphthongs.

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