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Spanish ABC Letter Cards


This card pack includes 32 beautifully illustrated letter sound cards for teaching the Letter Naming/Alphabet Knowledge activities during a Heggerty Phonemic Awareness lesson. This card pack matches the activities listed in the Spanish Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Primary curricula. ISBN: 978-1-947260-36-8

The card pack includes:

  • Letter sound cards for all 27 letters of the Spanish alphabet
  • Letter sound cards with fancy ‘a’ and fancy ‘g’ for print recognition
  • Letter sounds cards with the digraphs ‘ch’, ‘ll’, and ‘rr’ and the hard and soft sounds of ‘c’ and ‘g’
  • Multiple cards with multiple illustrations to amplify your students’ vocabulary; including both cognates and more common classroom vocabulary.
  • Different colored borders to distinguish vowel sounds, same sounds in both English and Spanish, and sounds particular to Spanish.

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