Primary Curriculum 2022
Primary Curriculum 2022
Primary Curriculum 2022
Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum | Primary | Scope and Sequence
Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum | Primary | Lesson Overview Example
🎥 Skill Tutorial Video: Deleting (Initial) Phonemes; “We can delete a syllable or sound from a word and say what is left.” 

Students will hear and repeat a word. Students will then be asked to delete the initial sound, and say what is left. 

Watch Mrs. VanHekken as she demonstrates how to teach this skill with the deleting hand motion. 

🙌 Hand Motion: The teacher holds out both hands with open palms. The right hand represents the initial phoneme and the left hand represents the final phoneme. Remove the right hand to delete the initial phoneme and show the remaining phoneme with the left hand.

⭐ Skill Progression in the Primary Curriculum: 
Week 1-2: Deleting syllables from spoken words
Weeks 3-15, 25-26: Deleting initial phoneme from spoken words
Weeks 16-19, 27-28: Deleting final phoneme from spoken words
Weeks 20-24, 29-30: Deleting phonemes within a word

✔️ Download sample lessons & watch more lesson videos on our website:
⭐ The best part of our day is seeing a glimpse inside your classrooms during #heggertytime! This week we are highlighting a 2nd-grade classroom from Fox Valley Elementary school in Michigan!

"2nd graders starting their morning with phonemic awareness using a program called Heggerty and then they get into some phonics with a cool activity called “Say It, Pop It, Write It, Read It”. These kids are doing great! We love the program and so do the kids!"

📸 We can't wait to spot more #heggertytime, be sure to tag us & use our hashtag in your Heggerty time photos!

⬇️ Are you implementing Heggerty this school year? Comment below with the week just wrapped up!
✨ Isolating medial sounds in words is a basic phonemic awareness skill. The focus is on hearing the medial or vowel sound in a word. We ask students to isolate both short & long vowel sounds in the words they hear. 

🎢 We use our roller coaster hand motion when we are isolating those medial sounds, watch Mrs. Bottari as she walks through how to use this hand motion with your students! 

🔗For more skill tutorial videos, visit our YouTube channel using the link in our bio.
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Primary Curriculum 2022

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SKU: 110422
ISBN: 978-1-947260-43-6

Overview: The Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum provides 24-weeks of daily systematic phonemic awareness lessons for use in 1st and 2nd grade classrooms. The lessons are short and engaging, designed to be the perfect supplement to an existing literacy curriculum.

Lessons can be used for intervention support for students in 2nd grade and above who struggle to decode.

Intended audience: 1st and 2nd grade classrooms (refer to page ii for 2nd grade instruction or use the FAQ guide)

Lesson structure: Whole group

Duration: 8-12 minutes

Intervention: Lessons can be used in small groups to provide intervention and support for 1st and 2nd grade students who need additional support with targeted skills instruction.

Product details: This manual is coil bound, printed on legal size paper (14" x 8.5"), and has a laminated front and back cover. Total book weight is 2.5 lbs.

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120 reviews for Primary Curriculum 2022

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Image #1 from Tina Adams
Image #2 from Tina Adams
Image #1 from Tina Adams

Tina Adams

Our entire primary teaching team uses the Kindergarten and primary curriculums. We love them!

Image #2 from Tina Adams

Tina Adams

Our entire primary teaching team uses the Kindergarten and primary curriculums. We love them!

Image #1 from Tina Adams
Image #2 from Tina Adams
  1. Anonymous

    Easy to use and I like that it keeps the same pattern of the lessons.

  2. Tina Marie

    Item as described. Great resource.

  3. Lois E.

    Enjoying using programme daily. Excellent brief activities

  4. Kristen Cheney

    I love it! My students love it!! Very engaging. It took very little time for my students to learn the hand motions and expectations. They can’t wait to do the lessons each day. When the lesson is over, they often say “Awww, can we do some more?”

  5. Gina Loggins

    Good addition

  6. Regina

    Our teachers are so happy to get this. It is something they really needed and it will be a great help to our students. I now have three teachers who have ordered it since they saw what a great resource it is.

  7. Jennifer Garland

    Teachers love this curriculum!

  8. Eric

    This is AMAZING! We are so excited to use this in our daily lessons!

  9. Wanda Carey


  10. Anonymous


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