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myHeggerty provides teachers with the on-going support and resources they need to teach the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness curriculum with fidelity.

myHeggerty has been recently upgraded to include both 2020 and 2022 digital curriculum and support for all available grade levels and languages.

An annual subscription includes access to a suite of online features:

  • Digital Curriculum - Digital access to the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness curriculum (2022 and 2020 editions) for all levels, in both English and Spanish. Note: lesson plans are not available for offline access, and may not be printed or downloaded.
  • ​​Professional Development - Built-in professional development with self-paced On-Demand PD modules and skill tutorial videos.
  • Daily Lesson Videos - 25 hours of recorded lessons taught by a Heggerty literacy specialist.
  • Digital Student Assessments - Administer student assessments online and track the results.
  • Decodable eBook Library - A growing library of decodable eBooks for classroom and home use.
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135 reviews for myHeggerty

Based on 135 reviews
  1. Anonymous

    More videos can help better

  2. Heather Preachuk

    Works well, engaging presenters

  3. Anne Kuharik (verified owner)

    Loving the material for my son

  4. Megan Macindoe (verified owner)

    The videos of lessons keep lagging and links aren’t working sometimes. I have different groups working on kinder and primary lessons and I can’t figure out if it is because I am using videos simultaneously on more than one device, we use 2 devices at a time. When the videos work they are AMAZING! Please look into this as we purchased digital because it gave us the ability to differentiate in the classroom, because I can use videos for multiple groups.

  5. David Bernard (verified owner)

    Looking forward to deepening my understanding as I support teachers with the implementation process.

  6. Cathy W.

    Always helpful!

  7. Anonymous

    Staff are still discovering what is available!

  8. Anonymous

    The videos are helpful as they reinforce the supporting gestures to help students remember different spelling strategies.

  9. Isaias Colegial

    Nothing wrong.

  10. Maeghan Miller

    I still haven’t managed to access the online section, but it is NOT the fault of the representative, this one is entirely operator error.

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