Bridge to Reading: Foundational Skills for First Grade – Student Materials Grade 1, 5-Pack
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Bridge to Reading: Foundational Skills for First Grade – Student Materials 5-Pack

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This 5-pack is intended as an add-on to the Bridge to Reading: Foundational Skills for First Grade - Classroom Kit to fulfill the student needs of larger classrooms, or as a replacement for student consumable materials.

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The Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills for First Grade – Student Materials 5-Pack  includes the following components.

5 Student READ Books

Student READ Books (Ready, Engaged, Active Decoders) provide opportunities for independent practice, applying sound-spelling relationships, developing decoding skills, improving fluency, mastering high-frequency Red Words, and practicing encoding.

Each of the 5 consumable workbooks includes:

  • Weekly openers with clear “I can” statements, helping students identify learning objectives
  • Letter formation practice linked to sound-spelling relationships
  • Weekly passages (over 80% decodable) for extensive reading practice


  • 8.5×11″
  • Perforated, punched, double-sided and perfect-bound

5 Student Red Word Cards Set

These sets promote automatic sight word recognition while emphasizing phoneme-grapheme connections, fostering a meaningful approach to word reading rather than mere memorization. Each card features a Red Word printed on the front, accompanied by an octagon shape under irregular spelling patterns, encouraging children to pause and analyze the word’s pattern.


    • Includes 5 sets of Student Red Word cards, each measuring 2.5×3.5″
    • The cards are conveniently packaged in perforated sheets measuring 5×7″

5 Spell Tabs Folders

Spell Tabs Folders offer students a hands-on, multisensory experience to construct, blend, decode, and read words, serving as an integral part of daily instruction. They are also utilized in small-group, differentiated instruction, providing highly effective guided and independent practice for mastering sound-spelling relationships.


    • Sticky Spell Tabs are each 1.5×1″
    • Folders are 11×17”
    • Each folder includes individual sticky tabs for all letters of the alphabet; qu letter combination; consonant digraphs (-sh, -ch, -th, -wh); -ck; word endings -s, -es, -ed, -ing