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Consonant Blends & Digraphs Cards

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$29.99 $24.99

ISBN: 978-1-947260-29-0

This card pack includes 34 beautifully illustrated letter sound cards for teachers to use with a whole or small group when teaching the Letter Naming or Alphabet Knowledge activity with Consonant Blends and Digraphs. This complete set of cards aligns to the activities included in the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Primary curriculum beginning in Week 8, and the Kindergarten curriculum in Weeks 23-35 (advanced vowel cards do not need to be used in Kindergarten).

This card pack includes:

  • 21 Consonant Blends: l-blends, r-blends, s-blends, tw
  • 4 Consonant Digraphs
  • 8 Vowel Digraphs
  • y as a vowel


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16 reviews for Consonant Blends & Digraphs Cards

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  1. Avatar


    usMassachusetts, United States

    Excellent tool to use when teaching consonant blends and digraphs

  2. Avatar

    Elizabeth Kircher

    usIllinois, United States

    Durable. Big print. Love that the script is on the back of each card.

  3. Avatar


    Staff enjoy the text.

  4. Avatar


    usVirginia, United States

    My everyday go-to!

  5. Avatar

    Teresa S.

    caManitoba, Canada

    Great supportive resource

  6. Avatar

    Karla Willis

    usOklahoma, United States

    We have not yet begun using these cards, but I am super happy with their quality. Please post dimensions or something in the photo that indicates scale though!

  7. Avatar


    usUnited States

    Love this for intervention!

  8. Avatar

    Carleen Zacher

    usOklahoma, United States

    I like the weight and size of the cards.

  9. Avatar


    usTexas, United States

    These are so helpful with the morning routine

  10. Avatar

    Ginger Dillard

    usNew York, United States

    Good size.

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