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Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills Curriculum for Second Grade
Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills Curriculum for Second Grade
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Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills for Second Grade, Classroom Kit

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The Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills Curriculum provides everything a second-grade teacher needs to implement daily whole-group phonemic awareness and phonics lessons in 30 minutes or less. The curriculum includes a speech-to-print focus, multisensory instructional strategies, daily differentiated instruction, and engaging, instructive, meaningful decodable passages and decodable books, with standards-based assessment.

Click here to learn more about Bridge to Reading and view the Scope and Sequence for our second-grade curriculum.

Intended audience: Second Grade
Lesson structure: Whole Group
Duration: 30 minutes

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Student Materials 5-Pack - $149/year + shipping

Each classroom kit includes materials for up to 25 students. Add 5-packs of student materials as needed.

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Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills for Second Grade, Classroom Kit Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills for Second Grade, Classroom Kit
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  • Intended audience: Second Grade
  • Lesson structure: Whole Group
  • Duration: 30 minutes


The Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills for Second Grade Classroom Kit includes the following components. For classrooms with more than 25 students, please purchase additional student materials within the recommended add-ons section above.

Teacher and Classroom Materials 


3 Teacher’s Editions

The Bridge to Reading Teacher’s Guides simplifies literacy instruction by combining Heggerty Phonemic Awareness lessons with explicit phonics instruction. 

Guides include: 

  • Background research to build teacher knowledge
  • Scope and sequence offering 170 lessons over 34 weeks
  • Explicit language and guidance for Tier 1 instruction 
  • Gradual release model (I do, We do, You do)
  • Embedded differentiation guidance
  • Scaffolds for multilingual learners
  • QR codes for easy access to myHeggerty digital resources 


  • 8.5×11″
  • Spiral-bound, double-sided
  • Book 1: Units 1-2, Book 2: Units 3-4, Book 3: Units 5-6
  • To explore the comprehensive Scope & Sequence, please click here.


1 Consonant Blends & Digraphs Cards Set

This set of 34 beautifully illustrated cards includes 21 Consonant Blends (I-blends, r-blends, s-blends, tw), 4 Consonant Digraphs, 8 Vowel Digraphs, and y as a vowel.


  • 5.5×8.5”, double-sided


1 Sound Posters Set

This set includes 20 double-sided sound posters in a spiral-bound flip chart. Beautiful illustrations on the front of the poster contain exemplar words to target sound-spelling relationships. Uppercase and lowercase letter formations and directions are showcased on the back of each poster. The Teacher’s Edition includes engaging sound stories accompanying each poster.


  • Each poster is 17×22″, double-sided
  • 1 Spiral-bound flip chart 


1 Sound Wall Articulation Cards Set

This set includes 44 Sound wall cards representing all 44 phonemes in the English language, providing a focus on phoneme articulation.


  • 4×6”
  • 1 set included per classroom kit


1 Word Construction Cards Set

This set includes 111-word construction cards used to model word building for whole-group instruction. These color-coded cards represent consonants, vowels, r-controlled vowels, consonant digraphs and blends, vowel teams, suffixes, diphthongs, and silent letters.


  • Each card is 4×6”
  • 1 set included per classroom kit


1 Teacher Red Word Cards Set

This set helps students develop automatic sight word recognition. On the front of each card, the Red Word is printed with an octagon shape under irregular spelling patterns, prompting children to analyze word patterns. The back of the card provides sentence examples to build contextual meaning, along with phoneme-graphing mapping for additional support.


  • 1 set of Teacher Red Word cards, each measuring 5×7″
  • Double-sided


Heggerty Decodable Books—Grade 2, Series 1, Classroom Set

These books provide a cumulative unit review of learned sound-spelling relationships and Red Words. The meaningful, comprehensible, and engaging books develop students’ ability to read connected text independently. This set comprises fiction and nonfiction texts, offering diverse reading materials to enhance students’ reading proficiency.

The Second Grade Decodable Books Library consists of the following titles:

  1. Splash and Stretch (fiction)
  2. It’s Called Fishing (nonfiction)
  3. Want or Need (nonfiction)
  4. Granny’s Birthday Gift (fiction)
  5. The Young Detective (fiction)
  6. Riddles (nonfiction)
  7. Sunrise to Sunset (fiction)View Sample
  8. Sports for All (nonfiction)
  9. A Wishful Thought (fiction)
  10. Below the Water’s Surface (nonfiction)
  11. Dear Danny (fiction)
  12. Pointing the Way (nonfiction)


  • A curriculum kit includes six copies of each title, resulting in a total of 72 decodable books.


myHeggerty Digital Access for Bridge to Reading, Grade 2

Access to digital teacher’s editions and assessments, classroom interactives, shareable decodable eBooks, on-demand professional development, and more!

A 1-year subscription includes the following:

  • Digital access to the Bridge to Reading Teacher’s Editions
  • On-demand professional development
  • Digital learning library
  • Cumulative digital assessments
  • Interactive classroom tools and more.


Student Materials


25 Student READ Books

Student READ Books (Ready, Engaged, Active Decoders) provide opportunities for independent practice, applying sound-spelling relationships, developing decoding skills, improving fluency, mastering high-frequency Red Words, and practicing encoding.

Each of the 25 consumable workbooks includes:

  • Weekly openers with clear “I can” statements, helping students identify learning objectives
  • Letter formation practice linked to sound-spelling relationships
  • Weekly passages (over 80% decodable) for extensive reading practice


  • 8.5×11″
  • Perforated, punched, double-sided and perfect-bound


25 Student Red Word Cards Set

These sets promote automatic sight word recognition while emphasizing phoneme-grapheme connections, fostering a meaningful approach to word reading rather than mere memorization. Each card features a Red Word printed on the front, accompanied by an octagon shape under irregular spelling patterns, encouraging children to pause and analyze the word’s pattern.


  • Each curriculum kit includes 25 sets of Student Red Word cards, each measuring 2.5×3.5″
  • The cards are conveniently packaged in perforated sheets measuring 5×7″

For classrooms with more than 25 students, 5-pack add-ons of student manipulatives are available here


26 Spell Tabs Folders

Spell Tabs Folders offer students a hands-on, multisensory experience to construct, blend, decode, and read words, serving as an integral part of daily instruction. They are also utilized in small-group, differentiated instruction, providing highly effective guided and independent practice for mastering sound-spelling relationships.


  • Sticky Spell Tabs are each 1.5×1″
  • Folders are 11×17”
  • Each folder includes individual sticky tabs for all letters of the alphabet: qu letter combination; consonant digraphs (-sh, -ch, -th, -wh); -ck; word endings -s, -es, -ed, -ing

100 Syllable Boards

The Syllable Boards are used when teaching syllable division and syllable types in Grade 2. Children use this resource to write and spell multisyllabic words, writing one syllable on each board and building the word. 


  • Syllable Boards are each 3×5″
  • Shrink-wrapped into sets of 20

Important: The Syllable Boards will be shipped separately, expected in early December. These boards will be utilized for the first time in Week 18 of the Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills curriculum for second grade.

*Annual Renewal Components

 Your annual renewal includes everything you need to continue using Bridge to Reading in subsequent years:

  • 1-year teacher subscription to the myHeggerty Digital Access for Bridge to Reading, Grade 2
  • 25 Student Spell Tabs Folders
  • 25 Student READ Books
  • 25 sets of Student Red Word Cards

Renewals take place a year from the date of shipping. Your annual renewal is optional and may be canceled anytime by contacting Heggerty at hello@heggerty.org.