ABC Letter Cards
ABC Letter Cards
ABC Letter Cards
ABC Letter Cards
Free Resource & Download: Our downloadable alphabet chart displays unique illustrations for each letter and sound, including the multiple sounds letters can make. The chart can be printed on 8.5x11 paper and displayed in your classroom, it also matches the ABC Letter Cards in our shop that can be used when teaching the Letter Naming activities!

Is our ABC chart on display in your classroom? Snap a photo of our ABC chart and share to your stories! Don't forget to tag us @heggertypa 📷
Did you know we're more than just curriculum? Our ABC Letter Cards and Alphabet Charts are beautifully illustrated and pair perfectly with your favorite Heggerty lessons! 🔗 in bio

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ABC Letter Cards

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ISBN: 978-1-947260-27-6

This card pack includes 36 beautifully illustrated letter sound cards for teachers to use with a whole or small group when teaching the Letter Naming/Alphabet Knowledge activities during a Heggerty Phonemic Awareness lesson. This card pack matches the activities listed in the English Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Primary curricula.

The card pack includes:

  • Letter sound cards for all 26 letters of the alphabet
  • Letter sound card with fancy a and fancy g for print recognition
  • Letter sound card for S for both the /s/ and /z/ sounds
  • 7 additional cards for all vowels plus c and g, these cards display both the short and long vowels or hard and soft sounds

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106 reviews for ABC Letter Cards

Based on 106 reviews

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Image #1 from Teresa
Image #1 from Teresa


Some of the pictures are confusing for children. Edge isn't easy, kids think table. P for play, but the kids say jump rope. The sun looks like a circle. I would not purchase these again, but I will say the size is great for a smaller area. I have different letter cards for my word wall.

Image #1 from Teresa
  1. Cynthia Langlois

    This is a good resource

  2. Anonymous

    Most of the pictures are good.

  3. Kara Holdsworth

    The order was received very quickly!

  4. Kristen Cheney

    I use these cards with my kindergarten Tier 2 and 3 students.

  5. Crystal Whitman

    not yet used, ordered for personal use with my nephew and he is not quite old enough to use them

  6. Michele Z.

    Great quality!

  7. Heather Preachuk

    nice quality, not sure how much I will use them

  8. Melanie LeBlanc

    Although I feel this pack of ABC cards are ab little expensive, I like that they’re the same as what’s provided in the ABC recitation video.

  9. Anonymous

    Nice resource

  10. Kimberly Clendenin

    I am using the letter cards in my classroom. They are great.

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