The Frog Series

8 beautifully illustrated decodable stories for students in late Kindergarten - 1st grade.

The Frog Series is a set of 8 decodable books for students in late Kindergarten - 1st grade. There are 4 fiction titles and 4 non-fiction (NF) titles. Each book was written to be decodable, comprehensible and engaging for our youngest readers.


The Frog Series focuses on short vowel sounds and high-frequency words, with exposure to consonant digraphs. Each fiction book includes animal characters and an SEL connection, while each nonfiction book teaches students about one of the animals from the fiction books.


Stories are meant to be read in a single sitting (25-30 pages in length), and the skills increase in complexity with each book. All of the books in the Frog Series have comprehension questions, a writing prompt, and are 9x9 inches with a soft cover and durable thread-sewn binding.