Exploring the Power of Small Group Literacy Instruction (pt. 1)


Small group instruction has been a way for teachers to provide students with targeted learning for many years.

As you think about your small group literacy instruction in K-2 classrooms, these questions may come to mind:

  • How do I best teach foundational skills during small group time?
  • What components should I have as a part of my small group literacy lesson?
  • Do I teach and reinforce Tier 1 learning targets or meet students where they are?

Attend Part 1 of this two-part webinar series to learn more about powerful small group instruction, essential components, and how to best meet all of your students’ needs during Tier 1 literacy instruction.

This webinar is of interest to elementary teachers, literacy specialists, instructional coaches, and district curriculum leaders.

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Marjorie Bottari


Marjorie Bottari | Director of Professional Development

Marjorie Bottari is an experienced teacher, reading specialist, reading coach, and elementary administrator. She has had the opportunity to work with a variety of grade levels, ranging from Pre-K-8. Marjorie has earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Elmhurst College, a master’s degree as a reading specialist from DePaul University, and a master’s in educational leadership and administration from Benedictine University. Marjorie had an opportunity to work with and learn from Dr. Michael Heggerty, who served as her mentor when receiving her administrative degree. Marjorie joined Heggerty in 2018 and co-authored Bridge the Gap and the Early Pre-Kindergarten curriculum.

Erica Suarez

Erica Suarez | Literacy Specialist, Heggerty

Erica Suarez is an experienced teacher and instructional literacy coach. She has had the opportunity to work with a variety of grade levels ranging from K-5, teaching in Mexico and the United States. Erica has earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a Spanish major from Western Washington University, a master’s degree in bilingual education from the American College of Education, and a master’s degree in literacy from Judson University. Erica is passionate about dual language education and believes in providing all students with the early foundational literacy skills that they need to be successful.

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