Phonemic Awareness: In the Dark or With Print?

Phonemic Awareness Webinar

Join Marjorie Bottari, Director of Professional Development at Heggerty, as she addresses the tough question, should phonemic awareness be taught “in the dark” or only with print?

During this webinar, Marjorie will:

  • Discuss the importance of building a strong foundation in phonemic awareness for young learners and the important role it plays in supporting older learners that are still striving to become automatic decoders of print.
  • Provide examples of when and why phonemic awareness should be taught as an oral and auditory warm up to phonics instruction.
  • Illustrate the reciprocal relationship between phonemic awareness and phonics and how to support learners in seeing the connection between sounds and print.
This webinar is intended for educators who work with children in Pre-K through 2nd-grade classrooms, in whole group, small group, or 1:1 settings.

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Marjorie Bottari | Director of Professional Development, Heggerty

Marjorie is an experienced teacher, Reading Specialist, Reading Coach, and Elementary Administrator. She has had the opportunity to work with a variety of grade levels, ranging from Pre‑K–8. Marjorie has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Elmhurst College, a Master’s Degree as a Reading Specialist from DePaul University and a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration from Benedictine University. Marjorie had an opportunity to work with and learn from Dr. Michael Heggerty, who served as her mentor when receiving her administrative degree.

Webinar FAQs

Will this event be recorded?
Yes! This event will be recorded and we will share the on-demand archive within 1-2 days following the live event.

Will I receive a certificate of attendance?
Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to provide certificates of attendance for our free webinars. All attendees of the live webinar will receive an email confirmation of their attendance.