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Sample Bridge to Reading Foundational Skills Curriculum

Heggerty's newest curriculum, Bridge to Reading, combines explicit phonemic awareness lessons with phonics instruction, providing a comprehensive approach to early literacy skill development in K-2.

This sample includes the following details for kindergarten, first, and second grade:

-Scope & Sequence, featuring areas of development for phonemic awareness and phonics 

-Teacher Lesson Plans and corresponding Student Practice for the following curriculum weeks:

Kindergarten—Weeks 8 and 18

First grade—Weeks 11 and 30

Second grade—Weeks 22 and 28

-A comprehensive list of components with visuals and specifications

-A decodable eBook sample for each grade level

-Details on myHeggerty digital access, including digital curriculum, assessments, classroom interactives, shareable decodable eBooks, on-demand professional development, and more!

Access your sample today!

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Enhance Reading Instruction

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