Heggerty: New for 2022

The news is out—our print and digital curriculum is getting an upgrade!


Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum - 2022 Edition

The new editions of the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum provide embedded professional development, explicit teacher language, a revised scope and sequence, and more, making it easier than ever to implement.

More Efficient

A revised scope and sequence get kindergarten and primary students working at the phoneme level sooner.

More Descriptive

Straight-forward language helps teachers provide instruction and support to students who struggle.

More Supportive

QR codes transport all teachers directly to lesson videos and other helpful resources to inform daily lessons and support fidelity implementation.


FREE WEBINAR—Heggerty 2022: Exploring What’s New

Join us for a look inside the new curriculum editions with co-author and Heggerty’s Chief Academic Officer, Alisa VanHekken. You’ll learn what changes were made, why they are important, and hear about new resources to support implementation in your classroom.

Looking for information on our Spanish curriculum?

Click here to view an on-demand webinar detailing the updates to the Spanish Kindergarten and Primary books.

The NEW myHeggerty

New features available June 1, 2022

Our most comprehensive solution yet, the new myHeggerty provides you with all of your favorite Heggerty resources in a single, online hub. 


Our new online hub provides: 

  • Digital access to all levels of our Tier 1 Phonemic Awareness Curricula, including Pre-K through Primary in both English and Spanish and Early Pre-K and Primary Extension in English
  • On-demand professional development 
  • Daily lesson videos
  • Digital student assessments
  • Teacher support videos
  • Downloads and resources, including printable letter cards
  • Access to our Decodable eBook library 


It’s our greatest joy to be your partner and we’re to help answer any questions you have about our upcoming changes. Read on to see answers to frequently asked questions or view our webinar that walks through the new features.

When will the new curriculum editions be available for purchase?

We are now accepting pre-orders! New editions will be available digitally in myHeggerty and available to ship in late-June 2022.

What levels of the curriculum are being updated? 

2022 editions will be available in English for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Primary and in Spanish for Kindergarten and Primary. Conciencia fonológica: Preescolar 2021 is available now. 

What's changed in the 2022 editions?

You'll find the following revisions in our new curriculum editions:

  • QR codes directly link the weekly lesson page to videos and other supportive resources, enabling easy access to professional development and helping teachers to implement the curriculum with fidelity.
  • Explicit teacher language better enables teachers to support all students' development.
  • The new Skill Focus can be shared as an explanation for each skill or task when teaching the lessons.
  • Overview pages support teachers with changes and shifts that take place throughout the weekly lessons.
  • New opportunities for Phoneme/Grapheme connections. (English Kindergarten and Primary only)
  • A revised scope and sequence get kindergarten and primary students working at the phoneme level sooner.
  • Optional weeks for review or intervention have been included for some skills after 24-weeks (English Primary) or 30-weeks (Spanish Primary) of Tier 1 instruction is provided.


The following revisions are found in Spanish editions only:

  • A revised scope and sequence allows for students to work at the phoneme level within CV, VC, and CVC syllables at the beginning of the year, to better align with Spanish phonics instruction
  • The addition of visual symbols makes it easier to find embedded teacher supports.
  • A new metalinguistic focus highlights how language works and makes it easier for bilingual classrooms to find cross-language connections.
  • Explicit instruction that highlights the different syllable structures, consonant blends, and diphthongs at both the syllable and phoneme level.


Click here to see a side-by-side comparison of 2020 and 2022 editions. 

Haga clic aquí para ver los cambios entre las ediciones 2020 y 2022 en español. 

Will Heggerty continue to support the 2020 curriculum edition? 

Yes! Digital editions of our 2020 curriculum, and all supportive resources, will continue to be available via myHeggerty. We will also continue to provide professional development options for teachers using our 2020 curriculum editions.